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Monday, January 2, 2012

A new turn in my writing...

I've still got a couple more e books to put up on Kindle - one fiction and one non-fiction, then my back list is done and I can get onto finishing part two of the Lost Fury Chronicles. In the meantime, I've also started a two year certificate course in Technical Writing. 

That was a hard decision to make. It means no more courses in my field (therapist with an interpersonal neurobiology bent) because I can't afford both in terms of time or money. However, I enrolled in the tech writing course because I decided that in many ways ----writing is writing ----and I want to write.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to make my living as a fiction writer - to see my books selling at a rate that can support my large family would be - well, you know what would be like because you probably have the same dream. I'm also realistic - I believe my books are good, but I don't have marketing skills nor do I have the time to devote to achieve even average marketing. I read that there are only 15 ebook authors who are making their full living at writing. I don't know how many traditional authors there are, but that's another thing I don't have time for - the getting an agent then waiting while s/he finds  a publisher, then waiting for acceptance, then waiting till the book fits their publishing line up.

Maybe that's something you have been successful at - I have with my past non-fiction, but not with fiction. Actually, a traditional and long established publisher did sign a contract for the first in my Lost Fury Chronicles, but then they went out of business!!! Yup, that was a disappointment.

Back to the point - I want to make my living for the next 15 years as a writer so I have to broaden my idea of what that looks like and right now, that looks like someone who can take on contracts as a technical writer. There are many avenues with that - the ones that most appeal to me include creating manuals and article writing, but I assume that will change as I get into the course and learn more about income streams. So, I look forward to the first of my courses and hiking up the learning curve. 

Have your best day possible.

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