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Thursday, January 19, 2012

All jazzed up...about Adobe InDesign

I mentioned before that I'm taking a certificate course in Technical Writing - part of my quest to transition from full time therapist who writes on the side to full time writer. I have a large family to support so no opportunity to write or market enough to make my a living off my books immediately- so this is a means for me to at least write for a living - even if its for others.

Anyway - part of my course includes learning about In Design. WOW - love it!!!! 

 I'm the type of person who only learns the tech that I need to use to do my work so In Design, while likely something you all know about - is new to me. I can't believe how much it can do and wish I'd known about it a long time ago.

My new quest with ID is to find out if I can put video of me talking to my readers (yes, I really do have some people who read my fiction and way more who read my non-fiction). What a great thing to be able to do. Don't know if Smashwords or Kindle can publish with that in the content, but as I re-do my non-fiction to sell from my web sites I can at least embed the video in those version.

I love getting all jazzed about new things - hasn't happened in a while so I'm loving it today.

Have any of you done this with ID? I would love to know how you've used it.

If so inclined - please check out my other sites - here and here. 

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