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Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest post Halo of the Damned by Dina Rae

Dina  RaeHalo of the Damned

Halo of the Damned

by Dina Rae
eBook ISBN: 9781615726042

Price: $ 6.95
Genre: Paranormal
Sub Genre: Horror
Novel of 87133 words
Heat rating: 3
Edited by Naomi Clark
Cover Artwork by DawnĂ© Dominique
Print ISBN: 978161572605

In my recent novel, Halo of the Damned, I used research about the ancient Yezidi religion (spellings vary). The Yezidis originated from northern Iraq. The religion spread throughout the Kurdish community, eventually making its way into Europe.
Yezidis worship angels, especially Malak Tawas (spellings vary). The peacock symbolizes this angel who many believe to be Satan. Malak’s story in the Koran matches the same stories in the Bible and Old Testament about a rebellious angel who wages war with a third of all of God’s angels against God and the remainder of angels in Heaven. Once defeated, God sends all of them to Hell.
Yezidis believe God created Malak first, before all other angels, in His image, therefore he is also God. They also believe the world was first created as a pearl. Their holy books are Black Book and Book of Revelation. Their afterlife ideas are vague, but lean towards reincarnation. I found the religion fascinating and used it as part of the plot.

About the book:
A chain of advertising agencies, a new breed of humans, and a fallen angel to worship…

Andel Talistokov is known for his slick advertising agencies across the globe. He is a fallen angel that uses advertising as a weapon for Satan's work. His growing power emboldens him to break several of Hell’s Commandments. Furious with his arrogance, Satan commands him to return to Hell after finding his own replacement. Yezidism, an ancient angel worshiping religion, quietly expands throughout the West. Armaros appears as a guest of honor during their ceremonies. He mates with young women to produce nephilim, a mixed race of humans and angels. They are alone and unprepared for their supernatural power. Joanna Easterhouse, a recovering drug addict, steps out of prison shortly after her mother's fatal accident. She and her sister, Kim, unravel their mother's secretive past. Intrigued, they learn their bloodline is part of a celestial legacy. Both worlds collide. Halo of the Damned is a horrifying tale that weaves research together with suspenseful twists and turns.
  • "Don’t let a six year old run your life.”
  • “Forever fallen is forever damned until one can unlock from within.”
  • “What’d you see in the basement?”
  • Excerpt:
    Several flies hovered around Andel's ears. Their buzzing sound amplified as hundreds more swarmed into the room.

    His eyes watered with the smell of sulfur. A sudden heat wave filled the room. A voice inside his head called him by name, preventing him from hearing the television's broadcast. He recognized the ethereal sound of angelic language. Although he couldn't see anyone in the room, he knew he was not alone. Beelzebub, Satan's First Lieutenant, materialized in his basement. Andel shut the television off and knelt before the altar in complete submission.

    “Armaros, he has sent me as his messenger. We seem to have a problem,” Beelzebub thundered in both of their native angelic tongue. He only referred to Andel as Armaros, his celestial name.

    Dina Rae

    Dina Rae is a new author that is here to stay. As a former teacher, she brings an academic element to her work. Her research on the Yezidi religion and love of art inspired her story telling for Halo of the Damned.

    Her other novel, The Last Degree, is a fictionalized account of the Freemason’s role in the New World Order.

    Dina lives with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs outside of Chicago. She is an avid reader, tennis player, movie buff, and self-proclaimed expert on conspiracy theories. Her website is

    Monday, June 11, 2012

    Promo post for Book Ended By Beauty Queens by Victoria Marshal

    Bookended by Beauty Queens, a hilarious and heartwarming women’s fiction novel by Victoria Marshal, has now been released in audiobook version!
    Angie Palmer likes her life just the way it is–private. She has no desire to entangle herself in complex friendships, and her relationship with her two beauty queen sisters is safely distant.  

    Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned.

    When disaster strikes her Grandmother, Angie takes her into her home. A life with Grandma comes a world full of changes, and new friends, including Val, a drag queen with hopes of being the next US-Gay Beauty Pageant winner. Angie is determined to keep Val at a distance. Val has an instinct for knowing what is in Angie heart.

    Just as Angie gets comfortable with Grandma living with her, a budding friendship with Val, and a new romantic interest, everything takes an unexpected turn.

    Val becomes the victim of a violent crime and ends up in a coma. Angie begins a struggle against Val’s family who wants to remove their son from life support.

    Suddenly her private life becomes very public, and her world becomes a media circus. Angie is caught in a clash between religious beliefs and gay rights.

    Through many twists and turns, Angie discovers a new appreciation for family, friends, and love.

    In the end, Angie learns that a life filled with people to care about is never too crowded.
    Bookended by Beauty Queens is available in Audiobook format from Amazon and itunes.
    What the critics say:
    I have never laughed so hard in my life.  Don't get me wrong this is not just a comedy there is a dramatic turn of events that I will not spoil you will have to read.”
    ~ Lisa Markson, Read the Full Review.
    “Bookended by Beauty Queens by Victoria Marshal is a fast-paced, tension-filled read full of characters you will fall in love with despite yourself.”
     ~ Kat Duncan, author of numerous romantic suspense novels, such as “A Lady of Worth” and “Sunda Cloud”,  Read the Full Review.
    “The author does an excellent job weaving many story elements into a fine fabric of action, romance, courtroom drama, social issues, and female relationships. There’s a little something for everyone.”
    ~ Tia Bach, author of “Depression Cookies”, Read the Full Review.
    “You have to read Bookended By Beauty Queens, it is beautifully written, great plot, and good charge gets that you would just love. This is definitely a book that will give you another way of seeing things from another perspective.”
    “The characters are easy to fall in love with and support. Victoria opens up all of our minds and lets us see how things really are. You will laugh and cry which I find is wonderful in a book. This will be a re-read for me.”

    About the author
    Hi I’m Victoria Marshal.  Mother of two. Wife to one.
    I live and write in the northern part of Minnesota.  I don’t complain about the weather here because the colder it is outside the more I want to stay inside and work on my writing.
    My first book, Bookended By Beauty Queens, is coming soon from Before the Fall Books and I couldn’t be happier!
    I believe in the power of the human spirit, that we need to laugh more, and that P!nk puts out the best music on the PLANET! Don’t even try to argue with me on any of these points because I’m stubborn.
    I welcome you to my website.  Thank you for taking time from your busy day to visit me.
    I wish you joy.


    Monday, June 4, 2012

    Guest post by AD Koboah paranormal author

    Title: Dark Genesis
    Author: A. D. Koboah
    Genre: Paranormal Romance
    Format: eBook
    Life for a female slave is one of hardship and unspeakable sorrow, something Luna knows only too well. But not even she could have foreseen the terror that would befall her one sultry Mississippi evening in the summer of 1807.
    On her way back from a visit to see the African woman, a witch who has the herbs Luna needs to rid her of her abusive master’s child, she attracts the attention of a deadly being that lusts for blood. Forcibly removed from everything she knows by this tormented otherworldly creature, she is sure she will be dead by sunrise.
    Dark Genesis is a love story set against the savage world of slavery in which a young woman who has been dehumanised by its horrors finds the courage to love, and in doing so, reclaims her humanity.
    Author Bio
    A.D. Koboah was born in London and completed an English Literature degree in 2000. Her first novel, Dark Genesis, was inspired by the concept of dehumanisation and the impact it can have on the psyche. She is currently working on a screenplay and will begin the sequel to Dark Genesis shortly.

    Guest Post

    Hello Everyone.

    I’d like to start by thanking Brenda for letting me do a guest blog today.

    I really wasn’t sure what to write about today so I decided to go with a topic everyone can relate to. Love.

    Dark Genesis is, in essence, a love story and is narrated by Luna, a slave living in Mississippi in 1807. When we meet her she is so dehumanised by her experiences that she has spent most of her life keeping others at a distance. So when she falls in love with a vampire, it is an unexpected and frightening experience for her. But she loves him deeply despite the fact that everything she has been taught flies in the face of that love. For example, his race, the fact that he is no longer human and is someone who has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

    The love these two characters have for each other is intense and unconditional. And maybe I’ve turned into a bit of a cynic in my old age, but I’m not so sure that kind of love exists in the real world. And even if it does, is it healthy to love another person unconditionally?

    I believe that a mother and father’s love should always be unconditional. Luna’s mother was sold away from Luna when she was three. She eventually finds a way to get back to Mississippi to be near her daughter although she only sees her roughly four times over the years. So her daughter is, in effect, a stranger but that doesn’t stop her from loving Luna deeply.

    But when it comes to relationships and friendships, conditions should be placed on your love. If you’re in a relationship and someone is abusive, is it love when you stay with them? No. I remember watching the British equivalent of the Jerry Springer show in which a female guest who was in an abusive relationship had decided to have a child in the hopes that it would change her partner’s violent behaviour. Naturally, the host asked the critical question: Why would you stay with this man and bring a child into such an abusive environment? Her answer was that she loved him.

    Now I was watching that and thinking: that’s not love. In my mind, when you genuinely love someone you want them to be the best that they can be. If someone is behaving badly in a relationship and you stay, your actions tell them loud and clear that their behaviour is acceptable. The only way they’ll see that it isn’t is if there’s a negative consequence as a direct result of their actions. Hopefully that will be enough for them to address their issues and become a better person for it. That is love
    Everyone needs boundaries and I believe you should set boundaries for yourself and the people you care for.

    Apart from your children, the only person who should have your unconditional love is you. You can’t really love anyone else the way they should be loved if you don’t see anything worth loving in yourself.

    I hope you all have a good day and take the time to appreciate the people you love and care about.

    ADK x