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I would love to swap reviews with you. I'll read your book and review it and then post the review on my site, on Amazon and on Goodreads or anywhere you would like. In exchange, you do the same for me. If for some reason I really don't like the book, I will not post the review but I will give you my reasons for disliking it, and I will do so in a friendly and supportive manner. I prefer ebook form, but will also read print. My books will be ebook format. 

I don't want to read anything that is racist, hate based, homophobic, or supports cruelty or intolerance. Also, I'm the mother of 14 children so you can assume I don't want to read about anything that promotes sexual exploitation/abuse or adults lusting after teens. 

If you would like to be listed as an author who swaps reviews, contact me and I'll post your name and email on this site so others can link up with you. 

The following are my books - please feel free to browse the links and see if one appeals to you for reviewing. 

Cleah: The Lost Fury Chronicles The Otherworld

Cover for 'Cleah: The Lost Fury Chronicles   The Otherworld'
By Brenda McCreight
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star0.5 star
(4.50 based on 2 reviews) 

Words: 67786 (approximate)
Language: English

Long ago, in ancient Eire, lived a young orphaned slave named Cleah. Her life is shattered when raiders destroy her home and she is forced to find safety in the Otherworld, where fairies, trolls and dangers await. Cleah soon realizes that in order to survive and return to her own World, she must first learn to fight and to love; and, she must uncover the tangled truth of her origins. 


Cover for 'Regards'
Words: 54578 (approximate)
Language: English

A collection of short stories, set in different eras, about people whose lives are challenged by betrayal, loss, and confusing relationships but find their own path to courage and redemption.  

The Unmothered

Cover for 'The Unmothered'
By Brenda McCreight

Words: 61738 (approximate)
Language: English

Eden Sheridan spent years recovering from a traumatic childhood while re-inventing her life as a successful business woman. Now that the lakeside Inn she bought as an abandoned derelict and re-built as an upscale resort is ready for sale, she finds herself held back by a tangled relationship with her lover, and by the resentment that comes from her grown daughter. Then, the murders begin. 

Words: 39420 (approximate)
Language: English

Shay is a teenage foster child who wants nothing more than to belong and she believes she has found her place at a run down stable. Her sense of belonging is threatened when the stableowner is hurt by a mysterious attacker and in the aftermath decides to sells his horses if the criminal isn't found. Shay and her two best friends determine to find the criminal - at the cost of their own safety. 

Bella Ann

Cover for 'Bella Ann'
By Brenda McCreight

Words: 6196 (approximate)
Language: English

Bella Ann, age 10, has grown up in foster care and doesn't expect to ever have a family so she is amazed when a single woman decides to adopt her. Bella Ann waits anxiously for her new mom to find out about the terrible thing that is wrong with her, the thing that makes everyone give her away. After the first year, Bella Ann is settled in and happy. She begins to explore friendships, and she loves her new grandparents, but Bella Ann also finds herself in trouble at school. Will her new mom find out what is wrong with her? Will her new mom send her back to foster care?  

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  1. Hi I have couple of books to swap reviews for, If you agree we can then share links with each other and post reviews, please do let me know.