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Friday, September 23, 2011

Moving...instead of writing...

I've been figuratively pounding away at the neurons that house my writing capacity because they just aren't working very well lately - too focused on my real life at the moment. This weekend I'm doing the last of the packing up of my household of 6 kids + spouse + two dogs for our move back into town and a suburban lifestyle next week. It's going to be an adjustment as we learn to live on less than 5 acres, and we learn to keep our noise level down.  The kids won't be able to run off their energy and their angst and use their imaginations to build forts in the forest, nor will I be able to go hang out with my chickens when I'm too crabby to be decent company for humans. I'll miss sitting at my desk and looking at the eagles swoop around the tree tops of my *backyard*, and I'll miss the privilege of not being able to see any other houses when I look out of my window.

There are many benefits to this move - including more time for writing (once I get those non-compliant writing neurons working again) and on occasion I'll have a few moments for sitting on the patio and staring at the sky which is something I consider to be a highly important activity. I won't miss the constant work on the property, or the constant driving to get kids here and there, or trying to dig ourselves out of the property during our one or two snowfalls of the year.

It's always the same, isn't it. You gain a bit and you lose a bit. Well friends,  have your best day possible.

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