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Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm off to Atlanta on business for a week but that means flying for hours and eating alone in hotels = reading time for me!!! I have two books to take care of my reading needs and I'll be reviewing them later. I chose books that are out of my comfort zone for reading. I wanted to activate my neurons but also I need some literary pushes right now. I find that I have to drag out each word to fill the  pages in the book I'm currently writing (which is the sequel to the first Lost Fury Chronicles). That particular book wrote so easily - I felt like I was channeling it. The sequel is coming out word by word by word, and each comes out so unwillingly it feels like it has to ripped out of my brain.

I've never had this happen with my writing before. It doesn't feel like writer's block, at least not in the way that I experience it. For me, writer's block is about not knowing where the plot is going next and that's not the case here. I like the book and I like where it's going. I know how it ends and how it gets to that end so it's not like I've gotten lost in the plot. I know the characters very well and they have live an active life in my head, but ooohhhhh it's not nice working with them right now.

Anyway, I hope that reading something different from my norm will promote some change in this problem area. If not, it's back to dragging each word out ... no one said writing was easy.. did they?

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