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Monday, July 4, 2011

My new world...and new connections...

I've written another blog (related to my professional field) for several years. Through that blog I've developed cyber friendships that have become very important to me. I hadn't expected that to happen with this blog because the topic seemed to me to be so much less personal and my target readers aren't bound together by the same type of intense emotional experiences as the readers in my other blog - at least that's what I thought. Wrongo!

Yes indeed, I was totally wrong about that. I've only had this blog going a little while and already I've become acquainted with other writers who are equally intense about their writing and their pursuit of a readership and are ready to help and share with each other; and, even better, I can sense some real relationships forming. I can't help but wonder how could I think that other writers wouldn't experience their craft as an intensely emotional experience?

Okay - I have an idea about how I missed that - I think part of it was that writing has always been something I've done in isolation. True, we all write alone - or least as alone as we can get so that we focus while we create. However, for me, the alone-ness also meant no one  with whom I could talk with about it and no one with whom I could share my widening interests ie reviewing and no one else who.....whatever. Its not that I don't have support here in my world - I have lots - but support isn't the same as sharing the passion and the drive. 

I have tried joining real live writer's groups in the past - but I have a large family and their needs preclude me doing anything other than work outside of family life so when time constraints made me choose what I was going to do - well, of course, the children won. 

Now I'm here and I'm learning and I'm finding new interests in writing. I'm making connections and friends and I look forward every day to seeing who has commented on the site or emailed me. So - thank you for broadening my world and taking the time to connect with me as we travel this writing road together. 

Have your best day possible.

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