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Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm in the process of having a cover done for a short story, actually more of a novella, in ebook form that I'm going to add to my list of books but will mainly selling from my other blog and web site. The thing that's interesting about this for me is that while I fret and worry and experienced intolerable angst over trying to market and sell my other books, I'm not worried about this one. I'm not worried, in part, because I have a built in audience in the people who attend my professional workshops and know me as a therapist. They read my other blog,  or go to my other web site, and the book will sell - it won't pay my mortgage because it's geared for a small target audience, but it will move itself along.

What hit me as weird in my thinking on this is - why isn't pushing this book up the Amazon ranks as important to me as it is with the others? I mean hey, it's well written and it's a really good story. I've come to realize that I have categories in my head about my books - some are in the I want this to be the next big seller category, some are in the I just want enough read so that I know the characters are shared with others category, some are in the I'm happy as long as they trickle out to the targeted readers category

I put as much work and thought and energy into each of the books, so maybe I need to give myself and my books more respect and plug them all equally. I don't know - maybe I'm doing all that I can as it is. However, I intend to keep this rolling around in my brain and let my neurons work on it for a while and see if any change comes about.

Have your best day possible!


  1. Hello. I'm from Author Central. Your site loaded up quite quickly for me. I am now your newest follower. I hope you'll visit my blog and then head over to my Face book page and use it to post your book releases for my followers. There are quite a few authors there and it's a fun place. Thanks. Donna

  2. I'm here on the SheWrites hop, but I had to comment on this post. I think it's funny/interesting/ironic that you recognize you don't give yourself all the respect you deserve, which seems kind of illustrated by your being generous enough to give an interview of another author top-billing on this hop. I will be back to learn more about you and your work, Brenda :)