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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm back....

For a while now I've thought that my writing days were over.  I felt quite heartbroken about that, but my life stage, family demands, a busy career, my mother's death, and getting totally stuck on my Cleah sequel pretty well did me in. I gave myself some thin comfort through the writing I do on my blogs, but I was really living win a hollow place.

Well, yesterday morning, I was driving to work, and without forethought or warning, the entire book for a sequel to the Shay James mysteries downloaded into my brain. I had the plot, the characters, some of their important lines, the was all there as if I had always known it. Very weird. Of course, this came to me at a time when I am overloaded, already getting up at 5 a.m. to get my tasks done for the day, but I can write when a client does a last minute cancel, or if I travel I can write in an airport....the time will open up for me, I know that.

So, now I am energized and I feel quite jubilant. I am also energized to start promoting other writers again so will renew author guest posts next week.

I'm looking forward to being back, to connecting and re-connecting with you all.

Writing is a funny thing, eh.

Have your best day possible.

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