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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trying to be a *writer*...

Trying to transition into a full time writer is the hardest thing in my world (well, other than watching my mom decline with Alzheimers, or one of my sons struggle with addictions, or another of my sons deal with bullying, and so on and so on) - I know that life is so much harder for almost everyone else. At least I have a career I love and we all eat every day and we all have warmth and shelter and good times. Okay, so I've got it, and I'm truly, truly grateful. Yet I still crab away because I can't earn my living the way I want. Now that I've admitted to my pettiness I'll just get on with this post.

I applied for an interesting writing job with a law related company that's expanding into other areas, it wasn't going to be full time but it would be a step in the right direction. I didn't get it but I did get short listed so that was something. I also applied for a part time curriculum writing job and since I've taught at college and the subjects were in my areas of specialty (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and autism) but I haven't heard anything back in a long time so I guess I didn't even get short listed on that one. Both of these were online and telecommute and that would have thrilled me.

In the meantime, I've put up another ebook (non fiction) on Smashwords and Kindle and I have a lesbian mystery - or actually, it's a mystery with a lesbian main character - that I will have in ebook form soon. And, then another non fiction coming down the pike and then, hopefully, I'll finish the second of a three book fantasy series. So, I'm writing, and that makes me happy. Why can't it be enough? Why do I need to do this writing thing full time? Do you feel like your not doing what you should be doing when you're not writing? Am I alone in this weirdness?

Oh well, that's hardly the greatest question in life, is it.

Have your best day possible.


  1. I came across this post not long after having a discussion with my husband today about my wanting to become a full-time writer. I too find that my day job is only a means to an end. It offers a social connection to the human race, but other than that, I'd hardly say it is rewarding to the point of being what I love to do.

    You are not alone in wanting this. It seems you've got quite the start of living your dream with all of the books you've written and gigs lined up. Each one is one step closer to your goal. Keep at it and one day you'll be doing exactly what you want.

  2. I agree, Autumn. Thanks for the encouragement. By the way, I checked out your blog and love it - I've followed.

  3. If you're passionate about something, or good at it, I think you want to spend a lot of time devoted to it. I wish I didn't have a full time office job, but it pays my bills and is flexible enough to accomodate what I want to do.

    Best of luck with finding a writing job!

  4. I know I shouldn't complain that I have a fulfilling career - and I'm not actually complaining about what I do - I'm complaining about what I don't do - if that makes sense.